About Me

I am a McGill Computer Science student (class of '20), with a minor in Economics. I am interested in specializing in AI, machine learning, and computational finance.

I currently work at the McGill DDMAL Music Technology Lab, doing software development within their SIMSSA project. To see some of the things that I've written with them, take a look at the projects section!

I went to Marianopolis College (CEGEP), studied a music DEC and took extra (outside my program's courseload) math courses to fulfill my pre-reqs for McGill. I was on the Dean's List and maintained a 34+ R-Score with 8 courses every semester. While at Marianopolis, I played in numerous McGill ensembles and orchestras; feel free to take a look at my performances!

I'm fluent in English and French, and familiar with Mandarin.

Take a look at my CV for more information on my qualifications and experience. Or feel free to shoot me an email at ericliu404@gmail.com !


My GitHub profile contains most of the projects I've worked on thus far.

Most recently, I've been working at the McGill DDMAL Music Tech Lab, doing software development for their SIMSSA Project. Thus far, I have:

This site is my personal project - it was made long ago, before I was comfortable with web frameworks (like bootstrap) or handy libraries like JQuery. Therefore, all the styling and functionality you see here is (painstakingly) handtyped CSS and JavaScript.

This link leads to the very first website that I created for myself.


I've developed an extensive portfolio of professional performances. Here are a few of my favorites.

Iturralde - Pequeña Czarda
McGill Winter 2017 saxophone class final recital.

Glazunov - Saxophone Concerto
McGill Fall 2016 saxophone class final recital.

Bonneau - Caprice en forme de valse
2016 Prix d'Expression competition, awarded first place.

Bozza - Aria
McGill Conservatory 2014 Gala concert.

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